Get Rid of the Lawn in Your Nose with Nose Hair Scissors

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Trim nostril hairHave you ever seen someone that looked like they had a lawn growing in their nose? Or maybe you personally know someone who seems to think no one cares or notices their nose hair. If you’ve ever had a conversation with someone who has overgrown nose hairs, you might catch yourself staring at their nose instead of paying attention to what they’re saying. It’s not only uncomfortable but also embarrassing to watch.

Now that brings up the question, are YOU that person? Personal grooming is a matter of hygiene and it’s generally known that the way you present yourself is representation of how well you take care of yourself. If you’re not sure you’re that person, take a good look in the mirror and determine if your nose needs some maintenance so you can avoid an embarrassing social situation. It only takes one overgrown hair to draw eyeballs.

Why is it that nose hairs can get so long? For the most part, this is a predominantly male problem, but it can occur with women as well. When it comes to males, hormones are responsible for long nose hair. Aging can also lead to long nose hair due to increased testosterone production and a decrease in female hormone production. While this is a natural occurrence, it can definitely be problematic.

So why do nose hairs exist again? Nose hairs play an important role when it comes to health. They are essential for filtering out dust, dirt, and environmental irritants. If harmful particles get past the nasal cavity, it can reach the lungs and create infection.

So what do you do if you have to mow the lawn? It can be very painful and scary to use scissors that have sharp tips if you don’t know what you are doing. It’s a very sensitive area and you have to be careful with how you approach nose hair trimming. Here is a no hassle, pain-free way of keeping your nose from looking like a chia pet.

Nostril Scissors with blunt ends1) Wash the inside of the nose with a cotton swab moistened with water. Make sure the inside of the nostril is free of mucus.

2) Look into a mirror and tilt your nose up for visibility. Make sure you have ample light to see the hose hair clearly and to cut the nose hair properly.

3) Get a pair or nose hair scissors with rounded tips. You can also use an electric nose hair trimmer. The Seki Edge Nostril Hair Scissors or Rotating Nostril Hair Cutter are manual ways to cut nose hair. The nostril scissors have rounded tips, comfortable finger rings and hand-finished blades with a sharp cutting edge. The nostril hair cutter have rotating blades that cut the nose hairs as the blades move past each other.

4) Insert nose hair scissors into your nose and trim hairs, especially at the opening at the nostrils to make sure there aren’t any nose hairs sticking past the nostril. Do not stick the nose hair scissors in too far.

Rotating Nostril Hair Cutter5) When finished, clean the nose hair scissor blades to remove debris and bacteria with rubbing alcohol or soap and warm water.

6) If there are specific nose hairs you want to completely get rid of for whatever reason, you can individually pluck them out with a tweezer. However, it’s best not to over tweeze as this can create irritation, infection and ingrown hairs. If you want to use tweezers, use a round tip tweezer so that the tips do not poke the inside of the nose. Using a tweezer will be a bit more painful as you can imagine, but it will completely eliminate that hair for a while.

It is also very important that you don’t aggressively trim your nostril hairs with either a pair of nose hair scissors or trimmers. Aggressive trimming may actually cause nicks to the skin tissue. This can create sores and pimples, which can become painful, inflamed and infected. Depending on how thick and long your nose hairs are, it may be necessary to trim nose hairs once or twice a week if necessary. It just depends on the rate of growth.

Trimming nose hairs is not always an easy topic to talk about with friends and family. But none-the-less they are important topics. Having good hygiene and keeping up a grooming routine helps you put your best foot forward and increase confidence. Even a simple task such as trimming your nostril hairs can make a big difference. If you’re ready to get rid of the lawn in your nose just follow these steps and you will be on the path to a fresh new look.


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