10 Halloween Hair Inspiration Ideas for 2022

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Ahh…Halloween. The holiday where people get to be someone completely different from who they are. People take the time to get creative with their looks. From hair to clothes to make-up and shoes, Halloween is the one holiday where we can just express our creative juices in any way we want. Over the years, Halloween has progressively gotten more and more outrageous in terms of costumes. Some people plan months ahead to make sure they have the perfect look for Halloween from head to toe. Hair, in particular, is one area that can really complete a look. If you’re looking for some Halloween hair inspo, this is the place. Whether it’s hair for yourself, family or clients, here are 10 Halloween hair inspiration ideas that will get your juices flowing.

1. @megmeeoow
Perhaps you don’t have a character you’re trying to emulate. That’s ok. Sometimes you just want to get in the spirit but don’t actually want to be someone or something. This colorful hairdo is funky and fun. The quintessential Halloween colors are present in this look. Bright green, orange and purple all give the feeling of something witch crafty. Paired with some Halloween inspired make-up, jewelry and clothes, this hair gets you in the spirit.


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A post shared by Meg Gray (@megmeeoow)

2. @tiffanymhair
Can we say Maleficent? Wow, this one really takes the cake for a beautiful job well done. From the horns to the dullish colors, this one is hard to beat. One of the most reposted Halloween hairstyles on Instagram, it’s no wonder why. Just making the horns could be half the battle. Of course, the horns don’t have to be this big, but they definitely make a statement. Evil and demonic, that’s what Halloween is all about.


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A post shared by Creative Colorist (@tiffanymhair)

3. @hairbyrobertina
Play it cool with a discreet undercut. While the spider web is popular, the design doesn’t have to be of a web. If you’re good at making designs (or would like to be) try a skeleton, pumpkin, ghost or whatever you fancy that says ‘Halloween’ to you. For a more noticeable reveal, tie the hair up for everyone to see. Using a clipper or razor you can achieve some fantastic designs like this one.


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A post shared by Robertina Martinez (@hairbyrobertina)

4. @hairby_arci_
Channeling a Game of Thrones vibe, this blue-ish romantic hairdo is beautiful and grotesque at the same time! Without the spiders and skeleton hands, the hairdo would be perfect as wedding hair. But alas we are talking about Halloween here so there needs to be a touch of death. This romantic hairdo could be changed up by using different trinkets and a different hair color. It’s the hairstyle we would want if were laying in our own coffin.

5. @pelo.guapo
Have short hair? Like buzz cut short hair? This one is for the short hair peeps. The best part is, you can shave it all off whenever you want. But who wants to shave off a cute skeleton face? This Nightmare Before Christmas Jack face is a great style for those who want something unique but not too complicated. Unfortunately, if you’re trying to do this to yourself, you’re gonna have problems. This one is best done on someone else for good reason. Plus, you’re going to need a creative eye for making faces. Experiment with other designs like a spider, witch or maybe some candy corn. Get creative and add some fun colors to make it pop.


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A post shared by Mia E. (@pelo.guapo)

6. @yuni_yoshida
It’s gorgeous and morbid, but nonetheless striking. What more can be said about this masterpiece. Instead of cutting into the hair to create a design, how about actually making a design out of the hair? This one blows our mind in that it takes careful attention to detail and precision to make this look come to fruition. But if perfected, this look would be the talk of the town. Such creativity does not go unnoticed. Take your hair design to the next level with something like this.


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A post shared by YUNI YOSHIDA (@yuni_yoshida)

7. @ironrosesalon and @maryjane_guerrero
Doing a hair design doesn’t mean all the hair has to be short. Just carving out one section of the head can be punk rock, but keeping the rest of the hair long and flowy (even curly) can bring some feminine vibes back into the style. This one incorporates a graveyard with some spider webs, some orange pops of color and soft curls. What a combination! Is anyone else wondering what the other side looks like?


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A post shared by Ironrosesalon (@ironrosesalon)

8. @seagreenehair
If you find you’re going to be out at night on Halloween (which most people do), this glow in the dark look is brilliant. Imagine being in a dark room but standing out with bright hair and a Jack-o-lantern face? Super cool. Even in non-dark situations this look would stand out like a sore thumb. This look would take a bit of time but the results would be worth every minute.


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A post shared by Chelsea Greene (@seagreenehair)

9. @viola_pyak
If you’re looking for something classy but not too difficult, this ponytail spiderweb will do just that. No need to color hair or tease it to oblivion. This Halloween-ish look is sexy and sophisticated at the same time. Keep hair simple and easy to manage with this spidery style. It’s sure to still turn heads and get lots of compliments.


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A post shared by Виола ПЯК (@viola_pyak)

10. @sarahmasoncreative
Instead of using a real witch’s hat, why not just make it out of hair? Of course, a lot of hair would be needed and long hair at that! Plus, a good teasing comb, hairspray and a crimper would be good to have in order to create the volume needed for this one. A touch of temporary hair color adds some dimension and pop to the style. If you’re adventurous, this one could be a lot of fun.

So that’s it folks! These 10 Halloween inspirational looks should give you some ideas for yourself, your clients or your family and friends. Halloween is a time for fun and creativity…and maybe candy. But here’s your time to shine and show what you can really do with hair. Get inspired. Get creative. Get in the spirit of Halloween!


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