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Styling Razor Blades

Feather Styling Razor Blades fit any Feather Styling Razor. Choose from a Standard Blade or a Texturizing Blade to compliment your haircut. Blades are disposable and should be properly disposed of using the Disposal Case. Each cartridge of blades comes with 10 blades. Feather Styling Razor Blades are very sharp, but with the added guard, you are sure not to cut yourself. This makes these blades perfect for any hairstylist. Give great looking razor cuts without the fear of getting cut with Feather Styling Razor Blades!

Feather Styling Blades stay snug in the razor. They don't move around or create chatter. They cut through hair very easily without pulling or tugging. Be sure to change blades when they start to become dull. It's best to use Blade Glide with the razor and blades for ultimate cutting quality. 


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