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Shaving Razors

Giving a great shave means having the right tools and techniques. Any barber who has used a Feather Artist Club Razor or Double Edge Razor knows these tools are like the Rolls Royce of shaving razors. With just the right amount of weight and fantastic feel in the hands, Feather Shaving Razors are hands down the best straight razors and double edge razors on the market. 

The Feather Artist Club Razors are also unique in that they use 4 different blades, all designed for different types of hair. This allows you to customize your shaves based on your client profiles. Feather Double Edge Razor Blades and Artist Club Razor Blades are extremely sharp an durable. 

The Feather Nape and Body Razor is made for the hairdresser to use on the nape area and around the ears. Although it has a guard, it is still considered a razor and can give amazingly soft, smooth skin. Feather Shaving Razors have replaceable blades. Please dispose of blades properly for safety and sanitary reasons. 

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