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Shaving Accessories

Shaving requires more than just a razor. It requires preshave, shave and post shave products to truly get the most out of a shave. Preshave products include a face wash, shaving mug and brush, and shaving cream. The actual shave requires a great razor. And the post shave usually calls for a toner and moisturizer. Giving that hot towel treatment and pampering your client during a shave is is a part of the whole experience. While women have facials, men now have their hot towel treatment and straight razor shaves. That's why you want to gve your clients the best experience possible, attending to all of their senses and engaging them through a relaxing experience. But you also want to make sure they don't have any side effects of the shave like razor bumps or irritation. Using the right products and techniques are key to a $500 shave your clients will rant and rave about. There are several steps to a great shave so make sure you have all the products necessary before setting up shop. Check out the shaving accessories below. 

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