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Nape and Body Razor

Cleaning up the nape area is that extra added touch that not every hairdresser addresses...but should. Give your clients that extra special attention with the Nape and Body Razor treatment. Time and time again, clients express how they love the way the razor feels against the neck and how smooth the skin is after it's been shaved and cleaned up with the Nape & Body Razor. It's those little extra touches that can turn your haircut from good to great and leave a customer recommending you to their friends and family. 

The Nape and Body Razor is the perfect razor for any hairdresser who wants to clean up the nape area with a razor without getting cut. It's a small bodied folding razor with disposable guarded blades. It's small enough to get in tight places around the neck, around the ears or for other tight places where shaving is desired. It's recommended you use Blade Glide with the Nape and Body Razor for that extra smooth shave.  

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