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  • In this video, Russell studies the undercut. He looks at all the options for undercut size, location and some key style points that really make the look. He demonstrates two different variations: long and medium length hair. Once you know the basic idea of the undercut, it's easy to break...

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  • Plier Razor Cutting Tips and Techniques with Adam Federico

    Posted on 08 August 2022 // by Vanessa Wada

    Adam Federico is a successful stylist, educator and salon owner. Adam shows you how to hold a Feather Plier Razor and the fundamentals of how to cut with it. He explains how using the tip and the heel of the razor makes a difference in your razor cutting and demonstrates...

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  • The Difference Between Using a Scissor vs. Razor for Haircutting

    Posted on 16 March 2022 // by Vanessa Wada

    In this video Russell discusses the benefits and differences of haircutting with a razor vs haircutting with scissors. Hairstylists want to know! Which one is best? Find out in this video.

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  • When to Use a Razor for Haircutting with The Salon Guy

    Posted on 10 January 2022 // by Vanessa Wada

    The Salon Guy is a faithful user of the Feather Styling Razor. And he has many videos demonstrating different techniques and styles using a razor. In fact, you can find some of them here in the Academy. But for this video, The Salon Guy goes to the basics. He discusses...

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  • Feather Plier Razor 101 with Betty Chop Salon

    Posted on 27 December 2021 // by Vanessa Wada

    Betty from Betty Chop Salon gives an introduction to the Feather Plier Razor. If you're a stylist who wants to learn razor haircutting without a guarded blade, this is a good starting point. Moving from a Feather Styling Razor to a Plier Razor is a big deal and requires some...

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  • In this video, Russell Mayes, Director of Content for JATAI Academy, uses a DuBoa Brush to style hair with various blowdrying techniques. These are fundamental techniques to properly style hair with a brush for the best results. Check it out.

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  • David Reinhold, co-owner and hairstylist at Bitter Ends, developed a unique technique using the Feather Nape & Body Razor to: • Create a focal point by cutting the hair very short at the crown which gradually becomes longer toward the front. The front becomes the focal point for the eyes....

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  • Fringe Focus: 4 Ways to Cut Bangs Using Scissors and a Feather Razor

    Posted on 20 September 2021 // by Vanessa Wada

    In this video Marina Lantos explains four different ways to cut bangs. She explains how to create a classic fringe, a long curtain fringe, a short textured fringe and a dry cut textured fringe. For each of these fringes she demonstrates how to create each one using a Feather Styling...

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  • How to Cut Your Own Bangs with a Razor – The Salon Guy

    Posted on 31 May 2021 // by Vanessa Wada

    So you want to cut your own bangs but don't know how? It's one of those things where maybe you're in between haircuts but just need to trim the bangs. COVID definitely made many people go for the DIY haircutting. Bangs grow fast and if you don't maintain them, they...

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