Scissor Fundamentals Course – Class 2 – How to Cut a One Length Straight Line Haircut

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  • In this video, Russell Mayes studies the mechanics of cutting a one length straight line haircut and all the things that can prevent haircutters from achieving the results they desire. Russell uses the JATAI Kyoto Scissors by BMAC to get a clean, straight line. This is scissor haircutting 101. To...

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  • Scissor Fundamentals Course – Class 3 – Graduated Bob

    Posted on 26 July 2021 // by Vanessa Wada

    This third video of the series is on the graduated bob. Russell Mayes shows you the benefits of the 5.5 inch JATAI Osaka Scissors by BMAC when doing graduation. He explains in detail what is required to do a good, consistent graduation haircut. While the technique is definitely difficult, it...

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  • Scissor Fundamentals Course – Class 4 – Scissor Over Comb

    Posted on 02 August 2021 // by Vanessa Wada

    In this part 4 of the Scissor Fundamentals Course, Russell Mayes demonstrate how to properly use the JATAI Tokyo Scissors by BMAC to get a velvety smooth texture for your scissor over comb work. The technique is straight forward but requires a few key components to perfect your technique. Covered...

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  • Scissor Fundamentals Course – Class 5 – Texturizing

    Posted on 09 August 2021 // by Vanessa Wada

    This final video in the FREE Scissor Fundamentals Course is all about how to texturize your haircuts using the Jatai Tokyo Scissors by BMAC. Russell Mayes covers how to texturize to control weight and movement, cut blurred lines and create separation while thinning. Combining these techniques can open up unlimited...

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