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Double Edge Shaving Razors

Feather Double Edge Shaving Razors and Blades are the next best thing to straight razor shaves. Although there is a learning curve in their use, double edge razors can give an extremely close shave. They are economical and environmentally friendly as double edge blades are generally less costly than their cartridge counterparts. They also create less waste in the environment.  

Feather Double Edge Razors are beautifully designed and handle well against the skin. For best results, use a Feather Double Edge Blade in a Feather Double Edge Razor. Although you can use a Feather Double Edge Blade in any double edge razor, the Feather Double Edge Razor and Blades were meant to be used together. Choose from the more economical Feather Popular Razor or the luxurious Feather Stainless Steel Razor.