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  1. Fuji Perfect Paper Self-Dispensing Box (500 sheets)

    he Fuji Perfect Paper Self-Dispensing Box is where dispenser meets perm paper and functions as an all-in-one choice! It contains 500 sheets and acts as a self-dispenser or a refill for Hands Free Dispensers. Fuji Perfect Perm Papers are the best end papers for perms and body waves. The strength of the sheets surpass all others. With a strong grip and flow through penetration, Fuji Perm End Papers have total saturation and neutralization when doing perms. Each paper is pre-folded which saves you time and money. No more waste and hassle of picking up each paper individually. These perm papers can be easily dispensed from any Fuji Hands Free Dis Learn More

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  2. JATAI Beard and Moustache Softener

    he Jatai Beard and Moustache Softener softens, smoothes and controls facial hair. Inspired by traditional barbers to promote healthy skin and hair, the Beard and Moustache Softener is fragrance free with hair penetrating oils. Facial hair like moustaches and beards are often coarse and dry. With a different texture than head hair, facial hair shouldn't be left to be wild and free. Instead, it should be tamed and shaped. Keep fly aways in check with this softener and watch your facial hair take on a newly groomed look! Learn More
  3. JATAI Heat Shield

    p>Heat Shields by JATAI prevent painful burn injuries from hot appliances such as wands, curling irons, flat irons and blow dryers. They are latex-free and made of durable heat resistant material. They stretch and stay snug all day and they are machine washable. The finger tips are sewn for added protection.

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  4. JATAI Shaving Cream

    he Jatai Professional Shaving Cream is a part of our men's facial grooming series inspired by traditional barbering to promote healthy skin and hair. There's no blade buildup, it's easy to rinse off, it saves time and extends the life of the blade. The shaving cream is great for thick coarse hair and it's easy to outline beards and moustaches. Once you use Jatai's Shaving Cream you will notice how soft and smooth your skin can really be! Learn More

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