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Welcome to the World of Jatai International!

For the past 60 years, Jatai has brought the finest razors, shears and innovative beauty and grooming tools in their categories to salon professionals. We are extremely proud of our heritage of product excellence, customer service, and our industry leadership in our categories.

Our customers are among the most discriminating stylists and nail artists in the world. Many are among our industry's most respected educators in their categories. Our educators selected Jatai for the many benefits our products offer of course, but they all share the same mindset about Jatai products' ergonomic and structural excellence… their ability to hold an edge, their convenience, and the balance and feel of the instrument in their hands. All Jatai cutting tools are designed to work and feel like a natural extension of an artist's mind, hand, and eye.

As you read more about Jatai and our products throughout the website, if you have any questions, I hope you will email or call us. We truly value your interest, inquiry, comment, and criticism, and will do whatever it takes to provide you with the best products, service, support, and training in the industry.


Dean Wada




Fred Wada

History of JATAI

Jatai International was established in California in 1950 as the first liaison office to promote commerce between Japan and the United States following World War II.  Its mission was to help bridge the gap between America and Japan following the war years.

The founder of the company, Mr. Fred Wada was a major influence in bringing the Japanese swimming team to participate in the U.S. national championships.  His work in this arena eventually led to his being named to the Tokyo Olympic Committee in the years leading up to 1964.




1964 Tokyo OlympicsMr. Wada worked tirelessly around the world influencing countries to support bringing the Olympics to Tokyo for the 1964 summer games. When Tokyo was ultimately selected as the next Olympic destination for the games, it was this landmark decision and event that changed Japan forever … from a post-wartime economy, into its current economic leadership position in the world today.

After the company's early work was concluded, Jatai was headed up by Mr. Kay Obayashi whose expertise in foreign commerce steered the company into the import business, and within a few years, was importing hair cutting razors and blades from Shishido cosmetics under the SORI brand.  Thus, began Jatai’s long and respected history in the beauty and barber industry.




Switch Blade ShearsWithin a few years, Jatai changed its manufacturer to Feather Safety Razor Co. Ltd. in Osaka, Japan.  It was a critical decision, and began the relationship that exists today as the exclusive distributor of Feather’s beauty and barber products in North America.  

The company's first product was Feather's Switch-Blade Shear with Replaceable Blades, and at its introduction it was one of the most expensive shears on the market.  Thirty-five years later, this high-quality shear is still the most innovative and economical shear.

In 1991, Jatai and Feather together developed a revolutionary razor, the Feather Styling Razor with a patented blade guard.  This new razor concept was introduced when razors had fallen out of favor and few were used in the salon. However, the advent of this unique razor, and the education that went with it, changed hairstyling forever; expanding a stylist's creative universe offering capabilities that shears could not.



Japanese CraftsmenDuring this period, Jatai became the exclusive distributor for Ikemoto Brush Co. which produced the DuBoa hair brush, Green Bell, producer of the Seki Edge brand of personal care items, and Lucky Trendy Grip Clips.

Jatai has always been a company in a leadership role, with leadership products. Its mission has been to provide beauty professionals with the finest tools, implements, and education to keep its customers on "the cutting edge" of razor and scissors technology.  All of Jatai's products bring 'lasting value' and enhance stylists' artistic capabilities.







Jatai Logo

About JATAI International

For over 60 years, JATAI's mission has been to provide innovative and high-quality professional beauty implements that make a significant 'difference' for beauty professionals.  All of JATAI products offer 'lasting value' and serve to enhance stylists' artistic capabilities. Time and market-tested, JATAI has kept its commitment to quality, innovation and lasting value. JATAI is the exclusive North American distributor and marketer for only a few high-quality manufacturers in Japan.

The most successful brands in the world are built on reputation and word-of-mouth customer recommendation.  JATAI's reputation is simple… we do what we do better than anyone else our customers can find. Our commitment is to product excellence, exceptional customer service, and lifetime guarantees for our products.  The JATAI culture is about respect, service, and customer satisfaction.  We know we must not only live up to your expectations… we must exceed them, and that is our promise to you.



Feather Logo



About Feather Safety Razor Co. Ltd.

JATAI's reputation in high end razors starts with the FEATHER® Company. FEATHER's styling razors and replacement blade razors are world-class implements that will help you with all of the hair styles you can create. FEATHER is a world-class product and one of the most trusted brands in the beauty industry today.




About Fuji Paper

Sitting quietly in the prefecture of Kochi lies the most clear and cleanest river in all of Japan. It’s called the Niyodo River, often referred to as ‘Niyodo Blue.’ It’s honored with the highest quality water in all of Japan, a title that locals hold onto proudly. But the people of Kochi also take pride in their centuries long obsession with paper making. Kochi’s perpetual history and culture of Japanese paper manufacturing has made Fuji Paper the preferred choice for perm end papers. It’s production consists of a flow of steps, each one serving an important purpose. No bleaching. No harmful chemicals. It’s as pure as the Niyodo River it was washed in.

Not only is Fuji Paper made in an environmentally friendly manner, but it has four times the saturation of any perm paper made in the United States. The paper strength and absorbency allow even flow through penetration for hassle-free balanced results. Creating waves, natural looking body and bounce with grace and vitality requires end papers that are also as gentle to the hair as the solutions used to create beautiful waves and curls. Eliminating harmful chemicals from the paper production process reduces stress and damage to the hair for long lasting curl and healthy hair texture. Experience the strength and gentle nature of Fuji Paper.

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About Blade Glide

BLADE GLIDE is an exclusive product developed by JATAI. An innovative silky smooth lotion that instantly helps the razor blade glide smoothly through your hair and on the skin! Blade Glide contains silicone, Pro Vitamin B5, purified water and cationic conditioners.





Heat Shield Logo


About Heat Shield

Heat Shields prevent painful burn injuries from hot appliances. They allow greater control over curling irons, wands and flat irons by enabling the user to touch the hot end of the iron. They are made of latex-free, heat, water, and cut resistant material. Heat Shields stretch and stay snug, are machine washable, and have sewn finger tips for added protection.





Grip Clips Logo




About Grip Clips

JATAI distributes the highest quality hair clips and has a reputation for consistent manufacturing and durable products. Once you try Grip Clips, you'll know why they are the professionals' choice for hair clips.




Seki Edge Logo

About Seki Edge

Seki Edge is a collection of world class beauty implements made by the finest craftsman in Seki, Japan the birthplace of the samurai sword. From nail clippers, tweezers, eyelash curlers, scissors, and grooming kits, there is something for everyone! At Seki Edge, we stay on the cutting edge in functionality and design keeping you groomed and beautiful.

The story of Seki Edge begins back in the 13th century in Seki City, a small city in the central mountains of Japan. Due to its rich natural resources, abundant materials, and ideal conditions such as pine charcoal for kilns, blade soil, good quality water, and a water transport system, a master sword smith named Motoshige chose Seki as the ideal place to produce samurai swords for the region.

Today, Seki Edge takes on the same "Bushido" approach to manufacturing. The city of Seki is world famous for manufacturing the finest cutlery, knives, razors and grooming tools. Today, we have taken on a modern approach to manufacturing without losing our roots of craftsmanship and perfection. In today's manufacturing age, the focus is on large volumes and inexpensive production. Quality has been long forgotten. We believe the market is demanding more than just a cheaper price tag. We create quality and innovative tools that respond to your needs.

Despite increasing demands to increase production, we are still committed to the philosophy of hand craftsmanship, quality and reliability. We will not forget our roots in exchange for bigger profits. We are fully committed to maintaining the highest standards in every step of production. We are also committed to leading the industry in new and innovative tools every year.

While sword making is no longer being practiced in Seki, the descendants of the sword making craftsmen are expanding upon their sword-making skills and techniques by incorporating modern manufacturing technologies and materials to today’s cutlery and razor edge tools. Mr. Kiyoshi Ishida, the founder of Green Bell and the sole manufacturer of Seki Edge products, is a descendant of these ancient artisans.

This rich heritage and reputation for high quality is behind every Seki Edge beauty and grooming tool. The Seki Edge name is a guarantee to superior quality and performance. Seki Edge separates itself from other implements in the marketplace by embracing its long history of Japanese skill and craftsmanship, while incorporating modern technology, the benefits of ergonomic design, and their flare for fashion and style in every Seki Edge tool made.

Today, new items that are innovative in function and design are being developed at an unprecedented rate. Seki Edge continues to look toward the future to provide consumers with the opportunity to experience Seki Edge. So the next time you buy a nail clipper, tweezer, make-up scissor and other beauty implements, make sure it is a Seki Edge tool. Enjoy!