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Instructional DVDs

Are you an education buff? If not you should. It's important to always improve your techniques and learn from others. Continuing your education by taking classes, watching instructional dvds, attending webinars or trade shows can all be sources for getting educated. But if your time is limited, sometimes the best time to educate yourself is on your own time. This means learning from instructional dvds and online videos when you have a moment. Take the time to further your own knowledge with our instructional dvds.

You can have the tools, but if you don't know how to use them, what's the point? Get the education that allows you to get the most out of your razors and shears so you can give the quality service your clients deserve. The $500 Shave Course offers all the information you need to give a shave that makes a client feels like they just got a shave worth $500 bucks. When giving a shave it's important to go through a preshave, shave and post shave to give your client the ultimate experience. In this course Henry Franco, a tonsorial artist and barber for over 50 years, give his best tips and techniques for the perfect shave.

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