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Tools: Using the Ergoflex Styling Razor


Which Tool Are You?

Using the Ergoflex Styling Razor



The Ergo-Flex is the first razor handle that flexes and molds into shape to custom fit your hand and comfort. The razor handle can be shaped to fit your hand, creating an instrument that lets you work comfortably and with confidence. Thanks to the shape retaining Polymer handle, it can be transfigured in many ways. It softewns under heat and inherently returns to its otriginal shape when reheated. You simply shape the handle as you like and harden it in cool water.

It can bend, twist, and curl to fit your style. Simply put the razor handle in hot water and mold the handle how you like. Then let it dry cool and it is ready to use! It has the ability to be reformed many times to create them ultimate personal styling razor.

The cutting performance of the blades surpasses any other replacement blade razor on the market today. The ergonomic design of a rigid handle does not require constant pressure on the wrist in holding open like conventional razors. The balance and feel in the hand makes the razor become an extension of your hand. Blades are easily removed with the patented Blade Disposal Case and replaced with the Blade Dispenser.


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