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Artist Club Shaving Razors

Feather Artist Club Shaving Razors are a barber's #1 choice for straight razor shaving. In fact, shaving connoisseurs find them to be the best around as well. Choose from the DX models which have a heavy weight and superior look and handle or select an SS model which is lighter in weight and great for shaving sensitive skin. Artist Club Razors come in a folding or straight design. It just depends on your preference.  

All Artist Club Razors can use any of the four Artist Club Blades. This allows you to customize your shaves to your clients. Whether you are working with sensitive skin, coarse beard hair or you're looking for a little more safety in your shaves, there's a blade that meets your needs. The Artist Club Razors is the 21st Century razor merging tradition and modern technology to create beautiful tools that will last you a lifetime.


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